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The Encourager Online Community

What is the Encourager Online Community?

The encourager online community Is an online mentorship program that is designed to help you grow in your prophetic calling and gifting. The encourager community is meant to be a safe place where people can interact with each other and also LaTasha the founder of the site. This is not just a training website where you watch videos but it’s meant to be online interactive mentorship program where you will receive direct feedback, encouragement, 1:1 meetings, access to our forum, and leadership training.

The goal is to grow a solid, healthy community to grow in understanding prophetic ministry!

Why should you join the Community?

The encourager community is for those who desire to grow in hearing God’s voice, using their gifts, and growing in maturity. If you are ready to grow in your gifts, discover your leadership ability, or desire for someone to push you beyond your limits.

If you are ready for a challenge to grow in your ministry gifts but desire to do so within a community structure. We want your to interact with LaTasha and also with others on the website exchaning ideas, and experiences to help you grow. This is a mentorship program that gives you direct access to LaTasha but also resources to assist you to grow in your ministry gift.

This site isn't just for those called into ministry, if you are called to business, or any other area of society, our desire to help you grow into your sphere of influence.

How to Access the Trainings?

Once you subscribe to one of our Subscription Plans you will recieve access to those services through our Welcome Page. Simply go to the welcome page, find your plan and click on the pages to book the service. YOU MUST BOOK THE SERVICE for the Live Meetings! It will give you access to the Zoom links or my appointments schedule. To access go to: From the Welcome Page: 1. Login to the Site. 2. Go to welcome page and find your plan. 3.Click on the service you desire to book. 4. Click Book on the site for the service. (You will not need to pay for the service is apart of your plan.) 4. Once You book, you will recieve an email with the zoom link. You can also go directly to the page and book the service: 1. Go to the Members Tab 2. Find the page for the service you would like to book. 3. Book the service. At the time of the service or appointment, click the zoom link to login to the service.

LaTasha Robinson

LaTasha's Education and Experience

LaTasha graduated Bethel’s 3 year program in 2012 She also holds an undergraduate degree in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Education. She taught in New York City public schools and in the Republic of Georgia (Between Russia and Turkey). LaTasha has been involved in prophetic ministry since 2006. She begin to train and equip people in prophetic ministry in 2009. In addition to being apart of being trained at Bethel and a member of Bethel's prophetic teams, she has been mentored by seasoned prophets both locally in her homeown of Detroit and abroud. She has been publically recognized as a prophetess by her Church Impulsion Eglise in Paris, France as well as other ministries and Churches around the world.

What ministry does LaTasha lead?

LaTasha has had various ministry experience including working with teens and young adults. She leads BARN Prophetic Ministries, Inc in Paris France. BARN is dedicated to equipping, equipping, and helping to create healthy prophetic environments inside and outside of the Church. To learn more about BARN go to

Where is LaTasha from orginally?

LaTasha is from Detroit, MI where she was born and raised but lived for a short time in her childhood in Birmingham, AL.

Prophetic Grow Series

What is the Prophetic Grow Series?

The grow series consist of the Zoom Prophetic Trainings and the Encourager Online. The Zoom trainings or online mentoring sessions where we practice hearing God's voice and you are giving feedback and teachings. The Encourager Online is an opportunity to recieve live prophetic words from LaTasha Robinson.

Training Programs

Individual Programs

If you are not ready to sign up for our subscription programs you can sign up for our Zoom Prophetic Trainings or subscribe to our leadership training. Simply go to the Training program tab and pay individually for the services. Price Lists: Zoom Trainings $25.00 Monthly Live Teachings $9.99 Some services are only available for subscription such as the Appointments with LaTasha and the Meentees Bible Study.

Zoom Prophetic Training

The Zoom Training are 2 hour trainings where you are given the opportunity to practice hearing God's voice. We will cover a different aspect of prophetic ministry. There will be teaching, a time of activation, and feedback. The training cost is $25.00.

Leadership and Prophecy

This is an opportunity to learn what it means to lead in prophetic ministry. We wil teach you how to build prophetic teams, communities, and institute prophetic protocols for healthy prophetic ministry.

Healing of the Heart Sessions

These are sessons for those who have experienced trauma, heart break, issues with family, and, or feel blocked in thier heart or thier creativity. We use a combination of the Sozo and other tools from Pablo Vitari to help bring healing, close doors, break soul ties and help reconcile distance betwee Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Our goal is to help bring healing, restore creativity, freedom, and restore freedom.


The forum is the place to interact with others on the site. You can post prophetic words, questions, and topics for discussion. The forum is now 4 sections but we will eventually add more sections to site.


This is the place to learn lessons, post comments, and get to know the founder, LaTasha Robinson. She will post interesting stories, challenges, and experiences from Her life. Check it out!

Meentees Bible Study

It's my belief that you can't be sound as a prophetic person without the stability of God's word. We will study the Bible together, discuss topics, and go deeper in the study of God's word!

1:1 Appointments with LaTasha

These appointments are for those who desire to have prophetic counsel or wisdom, discuss issues, or simply just connect with LaTasha, these sessions are for you. LaTasha is a seasoned prophet, who has almost 15 years of experienced in Prophetic Ministry. Her goal during these appointments is to share her life experiences with you.

Wisdom Q&A

These is live sessions where we will discuss with LaTasha or a leader in the prophetic. This is an opportunity to ask them questions regarding the prophetic. We will have Special guest speakers whom you can attain Wisdom from during the Sessions. To sign up, you have to register for the sessions on the website.

Monthly Live Teachings

This is a time of teaching and trainings where I will teach on a topic in prophetic ministry. Our teaching times will cover a range of different topics from Dream Interpretation to hearing God's audible voice. After the teaching, we will post the notes and have a discussion on the forum.

Legal Terms & Agreements

How should I govern myself as a Community Member?

See our Community Standards on the Welcome Page.

Where is the Privacy Policy and Terms of Conditions?

Privacy Policy Information We will not share your information with others and we do use Google Analytics to track your information but your information will never be shared without your consent. In the event of a data breach, you will be notified immediately. We only collect information name, email address, address (for shipping purposes), and phone number if requested for a phone conference. We will never ask for your social security number or other private credit gathering information. Both the Privacy Policy and the Terms and conditiosn are located on the bottom of each page of our website. Click here and we can email you the policy. We wil respond within 48 hours.

Refund Policy

We typically allow refunds up to 7 days on physical products. There are no refunds on digital products. If you purchase our products from a third-party vendor such as Amazon or Barnes & Noble, you are subject to the return policy of those companies. The full refund policy is located at the bottom of each page of this website. To be emailed a copy of the refund policy click here. We will respond in 24-48 hours.

GDRP Privacy Policy

See the footer or click here.

Paid Subscription and Membership Plans

You have 3 days to ask for a refund for any subscription plan and ask for a full refund. Please review the full Subscriber Policy here.

Purchase Plan Tiers

The "Love" Tier

This is our free tier which gives you access to our forum and our basic blog. the goal is to provide you with interaction with our community. It also will give you access to our free and basic teachings.

The "New" Tier

This tier is for those who want access to our live teachings and our forum. This is our basic plan which allows you access these services: -Blog -Forum -Monthly Live Teachings -Live Prophetic Trainings To participate in the trainings and the teaching, you will need to book the courses. To book the training: 1. Login to the site. 2. Go to the welcome page 3. Click on Prophetic Zoom Trainings 4. Choose which Monthly Training you would like to attend. To attend the monthly live teaching 1. Login to the site. 2. Go to the monthly live page and click book. Once you book the sessions you will recieve a Zoom link to attend the session.

The "Grace" Tier

This is for those who desire access to our monthly teachings and our forum. To attend the monthly live teaching: 1. Login to the Site. 2. Go to the Monthly Live Sessions Page 3. Book the Monthly Sessions This Tier is no longer offered.

The "Wisdom" Tier

The "Wisdom" Tier gives you access to the things listed in the previous tiers. The prophetic wisdom series is a Live Q &A session to ask questions and receive insight into your questions on your prophetic words and prophecy in general. To access the Live Q&A Sessions 1. Login to the Site 2. Go to the Live Q&A Page to Access the teachings. 3. Book the teaching.

The "Government" Tier

The "Government" Tier gives you access to the things listed in the previous tiers. The Government Tier gives you access to our prophecy and leadership series. To access the leadership tier, go to our Prophecy Leadership series to access the teachings. The teachings are pre-recorded and there will be a new teaching twice per month.

The "Mentorship" Tier

The "Mentorship" Tier gives you access to the things listed in the previous tiers. The Government Tier gives you access to our Bible Series and live 1:1 Meeting with LaTasha. The Bible Study is for those who desire to explore the word. We will go deeper in understand prophets and prophetic ministry from a Biblical perspective. We will explore the word of God's revelations on Prophets and Prophecies. To access the bible resources, go to our Bible Page, where you can watch our past bible studies.

Referral Program

Referral Programs and Discounts

It's an opportunity for you to recieve a discount on your payment plan for referring people to the community with the goal of enlarging the community. For each referral you will recieve a reduction for 3 months. Discount for Tiers New Tier & Wisdom Tier: $5 Dollars Government Tier: $7 Dollars* Mentorship Tier: $9 Discount* Individual Services​ Discount-You can send your friend a discount coupon if you want them to try out one of our services. Send them a coupon for 5.00 off any service this excludes our subscription plans. *See the Discount Rules

Discount Rules

Here are the rules: Discounts on Tier Plans You will only recieve a discount if the person subscribes for one of our paid tiers of $9.99 or more. The Love Tier is not included in this plan and you will not recieve a discount if your referral subscribes to the love tier only. Only one discount will be applied per 2-month cycle. Example, if two new paid subscribers are referred by you and they both sign up for a paid subscription within the same 2 month-cycle then only one discount (see discounted tier rates) will be applied in that two month cycle. The second referral discount will be applied in the next discount cycle. To receive credit for YOUR referral, they MUST fill out the Shout Out Form and give your name! The s hout out form is located on the welcome page to the community page. We recommend that your referral submit the form as soon as they pay thier subscription. If you want to bless a friend by paying for their subscription, you can apply the discount to your account but not to both. Your referral will need to refer another paid subscriber to apply the tier discounts to thier account. Discounts Coupons You can also only apply ONE coupon per product or service, you cannot STACK the coupons. If a product cost less than the coupon, you will not recieve any monetary compensation in the form of a refund and the coupon will be considered paid in full. You can only send one $5.00 coupon per referral Once time every 60 days.

Does the Love Tier recieve any discounts?

Love Tier Subscribers do not qualify for the subscription discounts however, if your referral signs up for our Love "Free" Tier then you can receive rewards for adding an active new member to the website if your referral actively participates on our forum. If your referral earns the Active member badge, meaning a minimum of 4 posts or comments per month on our Forum for 2 consecutive months, you will receive a coupon of $10.00 for any product or service. Just tell them to fill out the shoutout form to let us know you referred them. The post must demonstrate an active intereste in the building and interacting with community no "spam" or one word comments will qualify.

GDRP Privacy Policy

Paid Subscriber and Member Agreement

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