How our Memberships Works?

So now that you have signed up for our services, you may be wondering how our memberships work and how to access your services. Below are the instructions for accessing your services. 

How it works?

Membership Page

To access to your services from the Home Page, click the Enter members button on the home page. You must be signed in to access the Members page, if not it will prompt you to sign in. Once you sign in, it will send you to the members page. From this page you can access all of your services for your plan.

Series and Replays

For Leadership, Podcast, & Bible Course, click the button to watch the series. Additionally, you can watch the Prophetic Training and Wisdom Q&A replays from the Members Page.  


Once you get to the membership page, scroll down and you will see all of the services available to you on our website. Click the service you desire to use to sign up. The membership page also lists our current subscription plans so you can check which services are available to you. Click here to view a description of the service

Sign up for a Service

When signing up for a 1-1 Session such as: Healing of the Heart Session, Empowerment Sessions,  and Coaching Sessions will be taken to a calendar where you can choose a date and time that is most convenient for you. 


For Prophetic Training Sessions and Wisdom Q&A you will be taking a calendar to see the available dates. 

Description of Services

Included in Our Tier Plans

  • Prophetic Activation Training Class-This class meets twice per month on Saturday. You will receive a teaching on the prophetic and have an opportunity to activate in your gift and interact with others in the community. 

  • Wisdom Q&A is an opportunity to speak with a Prophet who is involved in one of the seven mountains of influence. We will invite a special guest to answer your questions about thier sphere of influence such as the arts, media, government, or the church. 

  • Community Prayer & Prophecy Night is a night for community to meet together to pray over their needs and receive encouragement. You will be assigned to a breakout room with people pray for your needs and share their insights from the Holy Spirit. 

  • Healing of the Heart Service is the inner healing service which helps you to deal with trauma, rejection, and past disappointments. If you are struggling emotionally or simply just wanted to check in spiritually, then this service is for you. 

  • Leadership Course is a course that challenges you to become the leaders that God has called you to become in Him. Watch the video and then answer the questions for deeper insights into the teachings. 

  • Bible course is a free course that is open for everyone. We study the Old testament prophets and eventually address the new testament prophets. 

  • Empowerment Sessions one-to-one sessions are designed for those who desire to go further in their walk with God. This is a place to seek counsel, get wisdom, and go deeper, and be inspired and empowered in your calling and journey with God. 

Not Included in Memberships but available to our members. 

  • Vision (Formally Dream Coaching) Coaching is a one-to-one sessions are designed to help you cultivate your vision in God. If you want to start a business, write a book, or start a new project. If you have the old service plans you can book these sessions. 


  • Prophetic Coaching- Prophetic coaching is specifically for those who are called to be Prophets. This sessions will help you develop and understand God's calling on your life and begin holding you accountable for walking it out. These sessions are specifically for those who desire to be challenged in their role as a Prophet and to be the healthy prophetic voice God created you to be. You can also join our Prophetic Coaching Program.