Healing of the Heart

Healing of the Heart is an inner-healing and deliverance ministry. ​ It uses the prophetic, being guided by the Holy Spirit to restore. Healing of the Heart helps you build and maintain healthy relationships and to move into your calling. It is a ministry of healing, freedom, and restoration, healing your soul, freeing you from life-distorting lies and strongholds in your mind, and physical body, and helps to restore your connection with God. 

Below are the steps for booking a session please follow these steps especially if it's your first session. 

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Healing of the Heart Form

If this is your first session, fill out the contact form. The form will allow us to send you the liability form. You must complete the liability form and the questionnaire prior to the session.  Please click the link below to fill out the contact form.

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Prepare for Session 

Check your Email for the link to the Session. Make sure to save the date for your session. 

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Book the Session

Book your session, you will be sent an email link to the appointment on Zoom. Use this link on the day of your appointment to enter the appointment. Please arrive on time. After your session, read the aftercare form.

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Prepare for Session 

  1. Take time with the Holy Spirit AND PRAY!

  2. Write down anything the Lord might be showing you before the sessions. This includes any dreams at night. 

  3. Fast for at least 24 hours before your session. 

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