Healing of the Heart MasterClass

This is a seven day masterclass designed to help you receive breakthrough in emotional healing. We will focus on target areas such as your strengthening your relationship with intimacy with God, overcoming condemnation, and forgiveness.


What's Included?

Live Sessions

During the live sessions we will give you the keys to attaining, maintaining, and deepen your spiritual and emotional health. Each session will last one hour from 8am-9am EST. You can also listen to the live playback if you miss the live session.

Healing of the Heart Session

You will receive a coupon for one free service  with this class. 

Devotional and Journal E-book

The Healing of the Heart Devotional book is designed to support your journey of healing. It is a 12-Day Devotional that will give you keys and strategies to help you strengthen your relationship with God which is the key to freedom.  Masterclass participants will receive a free copy of the e-book. 


We are including an audio copy of all seven sessions during this class so you can listen again to this class. 


How this MasterClass  works? 

Registration: To sign up, click the book now button below to register and pay the $30 dollar fee. For Empowerment Tier Subscribers, you can simply reserve the class free of charge. After you register, you will receive the link to the sessions. We will then email you the e-book and two coupons within 24 hours. One coupon for a free session and one coupon for a 10% discount for a future session. 


Inner Healing Appointments: You can take your inner healing appointment at any time throughout the class or after. If this is your first inner healing appointment, please make sure to fill out the Healing of the Heart Liability Form and the Questionnaire before the appointment. Healing of the Heart appointments are individual appointments. They are available according to the calendar schedule that's available on the website when you sign up. Choose the time that works best for you. Learn more about our Healing of the Heart service here. 


Live Sessions: On the day of our first live, go to your email and click join the zoom to listen to it live. If you didn't receive the link email yelenad@latasharobinson.comThe playback audio will be available within 24 hours of the live session so don't worry if you miss the live session. The live sessions are group sessions but the healing of the heart appointments are individual. You want be asked to share any personal information during a live session and your information will be kept private. You can just sit back relax and listen. The live sessions will be like mini-inner healing sessions so have tissues available.  We will have a 15 min question and answer time at the end of each session. The Q&A will not be recorded