Session and Module

So you may be nervous about committing to the Coaching Program especially once you see the price. You can sign up for a free 30 min coaching session and then sample the first module of the course. Scroll down to complete Module 1.1 on Identity. 




Module 1.1

Module 1.1-Unlessh Prophet withinLaTasha Robinson
00:00 / 10:41

Listen to the Unleash the Prophet Within Podcast.

Read 1 John 4:1-17


Examining Your Foundation

During the teaching, we explored the test of a true prophet. What is the most difficult about this teaching is that often because of pain we can begin to disconnect from the Church due to disappointment. Yet, there is always hope because the Lord desires to restore us. We will work on healing from Dissappointment in Module 5 but first, let's asses where we are using the points in the podcast.  Answer each question honestly, I would recommend you write this in a journal and add the date. 

  1. What do you believe about the redemptive work of God?

  2. Are you connected to authority or the body of Christ? 

  3. Do you love the Body of Christ? (Answer Honestly)

  4. Do you read God's word?

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