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Healing for the Heart!

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About Healing of the Heart (H0H)

Freedom and Restoration

Healing of the Heart is an inner-healing and deliverance ministry. ​ It uses the prophetic, being guided by the Holy Spirit to restore. Healing of the Heart helps you build and maintain healthy relationships and to move into your calling. It is a ministry of healing, freedom, and restoration healing your soul, freeing you from life-distorting lies and strongholds in your mind, and physical body, and helps to restore your connection with God.

Before you sign up for your session, click the prepare for my session to know what to do before your session. This will also allow you to book the session. 

To learn what happens during your session, please click the link below. 

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Preparation & Booking

Prepare for My Session-Please Read the Entire Section

Forms & Important Documents 

First book your session. Then if you are a first-time subscriber to the Healing of the Heart service, you will need to complete a Waiver of Liability Form & the Family History Questionnaire by clicking on the HOH Forms button above.  Once you submit the Contact Form, then we will send you the contract and questionnaire. You must submit the forms before your appointment or you may be rescheduled. 

Spiritual Preparation Before The Session 

 After submitting the forms, follow these steps before the sessions:

  1. Take time with the Holy Spirit AND PRAY!

  2. Write down anything the Lord might be showing you before the sessions. This includes any dreams at night. 

  3. Fast for at least 24 hours before your session. 

When you book your session, you will be sent an email link to the appointment on Zoom. Use this link on the day of your appointment to enter the appointment. Please arrive on time. After your session, read the aftercare form. 




Read the Healing of the Heart  Aftercare form and follow the instructions so that you can hold on to your freedom.

Remember that for Freedom's sake Christ set us Free. The goal is a relationship!

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HOH Sessions 

Healing, Restoration, and Freedom

Healing of the Heart at times brings about a great change in a person's life because it is directed by the Holy Spirit. A Healing of the Heart Session is designed to get to the root of the issues in your life. It's partnering with God to get rid of it. 

A Healing of the Heart session takes around 2 hours and is lead by one of our inner healing practitioners for LaTashaRobinson.com. These practitioners have been trained in inner healing and deliverance tools such as Sozo. It is important to note that our team members are not licensed therapists but those who have been trained in inner healing and deliverance ministry.  


During the session, we use a variety of inner tools partnered with the Holy Spirit to assist you in getting a breakthrough. You will be asked to speak to God directly regarding your heart, your past, present, and future.  The inner healing practitioner is there to facilitate this time and help you get a breakthrough in your life by breaking generational curses, leading you through forgiving others, and helping you to reconcile your past. 

This service is for those who desire to experience break-through from past trauma or simply seek to receive the freedom to go to another level.  


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