Healing of the Heart

Healing of the Heart is an inner-healing and deliverance ministry. ​ It uses the prophetic, being guided by the Holy Spirit to bring restoration to the participant. Healing of the Heart helps you build and maintain healthy relationships and to move into your calling. It is a ministry of healing, freedom, and restoration, healing your soul, freeing you from life-distorting lies and strongholds in your mind, and physical body, and helps to restore your connection with God. During the Session, you will partner with God to break lies and deceptions, generational curses, and deal with strongholds and mindsets that are keeping you bound. Our model of inner healing is based on the Sozo method. We won't be shouting at you for the demon to come out or pushing you to vomit. We will partner with the Holy Spirit to bring you the freedom that God desires. 

Below are the steps for booking a session, please follow these steps, especially if it's your first session. 

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