About LaTasha

If you desire to have a 1:1 coaching or counseling session with LaTasha, you can sign up for an appointment with LaTasha. LaTasha received coach training at Bethel School of Ministry and also has an undergraduate degree in Psychology from Michigan State University.


During the session, LaTasha will encourage and/or counsel you for your professional and personal issues. If you are desiring to accomplish a goal, improve your relationship with God, or simply need help breaking through personal or professional blockages in your life, you can book an appointment and pay individually or join the Encourager Community and subscribe to one of our packages. If you desire also to simply talk about an issue you are welcome to do so as well.  


These sessions will occur on Zoom and translation in French is provided as needed. If you are a first-time user, please make sure to fill out the contact form below. We will send you a liability form and a questionnaire. 

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