Healing of the Heart

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

When I was young, I used to write poetry to express my thoughts and emotions, my sadness... They so often felt caged inside of me. The words would give my soul a voice. I am not sure at what age I stopped writing or when the creativity of my soul got crushed. Yet I can tell you that when my soul runs dry and I can't see the way writing was may way out.

I have had a particularly challenging and emotional week. The nations around me seem to be raging. Writing my own Psalms or Poetry helps us to express where our heart is connected to God's Heart...

It allows me to feel my emotions but at the same time submit my emotions to Him. It

allows me to honor the Lord and invite Him to create something beautiful out of sadness.

The bible said "God created the earth and it was formless and void" Then He spoked and created...Gen 1:1-3

Creating with God gives us space to respond like God would in our broken world.

So here's a sample of my poetry...May the artist arise...

Title: Lead the Way

I prayed today to see what He would say...I prayed and I prayed and I waiting for the moment to see the way...

I prayed and I raged. I tried to still my soul but in waiting for His whisper I felt the twister boring in my soul a whole.

I stared in the mirror, finally sighing from the loss when I heard the familiar voice begin to remove the frost...

It was no longer cold when His voice spoke His array. He said, Quiet brave girl, I am here to lead the way.

I said, "Lord Jesus, do I stand up to resist?" Do I say nothing, How long will I have to live with this??

He said, Come a little closer and see what I did today. I begin fighting for your justice the moment you begin to pray.

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