Intimacy, Wisdom, & Maturity

During this season of Rosh Hashanah a lot of prophetic voices will be speaking to you about this next season. It’s a beautiful thing the variety of prophetic voices that exists in our world today and I believe it’s a blessing from God. We need diverse voices speaking the word of the Lord in this season. As I was pondering everything being released, I felt the Lord inviting me to release this word to you about the coming season.

First, I believe this is a season to things weigh carefully. Not from the place to criticize others, but it’s important to understand clearly what God is doing in your life for this season. This is a season to evaluate our commitments to make sure we are aligned properly with thE Holy Spirit’s purpose. God is doing new thing but if we are overcommitted, how can we receive it. It’ a time to begin to ask God about His priorities for our time in this season. Being busy for the Kingdom of God is not that the same as being effective.

In this His next season, you will need to be present with God. Your life is not just happening to you, there may be the ebb and flow of seasons but you need to be present with God in the moment. Why? So you can rejoice with Him as you watch His plan unfold Your destiny. (2:4-5). Timothy) He wants to rejoice with you in your heart as breakthrough unfolds. Many of you will be experiencing preparation, expansion, and transition. God, as many other’s have said is aligning things in a new way. It’s also a season of being authentic. (1 Timothy 4:12) He called us for a specific purpose and is only interested in bringing you into your identity.

The Lord is looking for those who worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. (John 4:24). I believe God is calling us to an increased level of intimacy. This intimacy will take us beyond hype and performance and into the pure joy and bliss of the Father’s love. This is a season of increased intimacy where the Lord will be releasing His plans to those who love Him in the secret place. (Is 55:6) So if you feel the Lord calling you into the place of intimacy and love with Him, in your spirit, it’s time to go into the inner courts and gaze upon His beauty. I also feel like this is a season to behold the beauty of the Lord, which will break off performance from your life and help you understand sonship.

I was having an encounter with God where I could see God’s wisdom personified in Jesus. The scripture says Jesus grew in favor with God and man. (Luke 2:52) I believe God is doing a work of maturity in His church. He is causing many to grow in wisdom and admonishing us to ask for wisdom because its available. The wisdom will flow from that place of intimacy and love with the Father. Remember that breakthrough often looks like the recognizing God’s strategy for breakthrough in your season. (James 1:5)

God is preparing us for what is coming in 2020. Yes, this is a season of expansion for many but God desires your internal environment to be able to match what He is releasing externally to us. He is inviting us into the bedchamber so we will be ready for all that He has for us as He equips and prepares us in the secret place. He desires a greater level of intimacy with us so we can discern Him and His purposes. This is a season of deepening and strengthening our love intimacy with God for realizing His greater purpose. (Is 65:24) Protect your time with the Lord. Remember He is your sustainer and will fulfill every promise to you.

Blessings to you and as always, I hope this encourages you!

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