Origin Story: My First Encounter with Jesus!

Photos by Kiana Boseman

When I was seven years old, my grandmother (Doris Mobley) was attending More Than Conquerors Faith Church in Birmingham, AL. My mom and I were living with her at the time and she had one rule: We had to go to church on Sunday morning. Now this Southern African American Church was apart of the Word of Faith movement at the time and believed in the power of healing and prayer. My Grandmother was an usher, which meant we had to attend more than one service.

On a hot Sunday morning in 1989, I woke up with this anticipation in my seven year old heart. The previous weekend something had happened. I felt God's presence in my heart. This unspeakable, unexplained peace that I couldn't understand but was so tangible and made me feel good. I wanted to go the church this weekend, I wanted to worship God and know Him more. I don't remember the car ride or even the date really. But I wanted to go to church and worship. So my Grandmother dropped me off in the basement of the church, which is referred to as Children's church. We were assigned by age group. I was in the 7-9 year old age group.

Photos by Kiana Boseman

I walked in and within a few mins we were all staring at our teacher, a southern lady, whose name I don't remember. She was dressed in white. She said, I am going to put on some worship music and we are going to worship. I don't remember the song but I remember the Presence. I remember peace wrapping around my heart and I remember worshipping Jesus. Then I heard a voice, this voice was lovingly tender yet stern just like a parent. No one was talking to me from outside; I heard this voice in my heart. It said, "Take the hand of the person on your left and right and step forward." I obeyed, and then the voice spoke again, "You are the leaders." I said "ok". Then I kept worshipping. I remember feeling a bit nervous about breaking the circle and stepping forward but I did it anyway and the teacher didn't stop me. I raised the hand of the two children's hands I was holding and worshipped.

That day, I received my first prophetic word. Pastor Broderick, the youth pastor at the time, caught my grandmother as she picked me up that day. He said "That girl has a call on her life." My grandmother looked surprised but I knew it. I could it feel his words inside my heart. I think I am important, I think I am supposed to do something great. The Lord marked me for His purpose and in the years to come, although that word would be tested. He proved His words to be true. Through financial turmoil, abuse and violence (To be discussed in future blogs.) that would later plague my family and my own adolescent rebellion, God never let go of His words and my heart has never forgotten them. Nor has it forgotten to keep taking steps forward because God said so.

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