Doris Mobley: My First Encourager

France wasn't the first time I decided to leave everything behind and move to a completely unfamiliar place. The first time was in 2008 when I applied to Bethel School of Ministry. In the months prior to my application, I felt this stirring inside my heart to take time to set apart my life to Jesus. God made it clear that Bethel was the place. In July 2009, I quit my job as an Insurance Claims Adjuster in Detroit, MI, drove down to Florida to spend time with family. In August 2009, my mom (Anna Dawkins) and I set out to make the 36 hour drive from Florida to Northern California. With one stop along the way to Birmingham, Alabama to pick up a small southern woman with 6 children who refused to let us go without her. The matriarch of my family line Mrs. Doris Mobley. She and I quote "Was not going to allow me to drive across country without her getting in the car." So, we made pit stop in Birmingham to pick her up, three generations heading into unknown territory. It was in her church, More Than Conquerors Faith Church led by Pastor Steve Green, that I met Jesus at seven years old. It was in this church that I heard God's voice for the first time. (See My First Encounter Blog). Ms. Doris gave me one of the only two spankings in my life. She was the person that got me back on track when I was making poor decisions in college. She was the one who could say the hard but right thing and it would make me want to laugh and cry at the same time. For every person I ever encouraged, it was because my Grandmother had first spoken it into me. She was the first Encourager I had the pleasure of coming into contact. She taught me that Encouragement isn't flattery. It's speaking to the heart of the matter and strengthening a person with the truth. It's having the eyes of God to see greatness because we love the people around us. It's not about what you desire to hear, but the truth of who God designed me to be. The truth is not flattery it's truth, it doesn't always make us feel good but it builds a foundation on the inside if we will hear it. I will always remember that twitch in her eye when she was getting to say something inappropriate as she often did. Me rolling my eyes and saying "Grandma" and her saying sarcastically "What" as we both burst into laughter. It is from her I got my sense of humor. In March 2019, a few days before her birthday, she went to be with Jesus. Her final days on this earth were spent taking communion and worshiping Jesus. I imagine her in Heaven dancing with Jesus perhaps making Him laugh too. Jesus finally pouring sweet comforting relief into her heart and wiping away the tears from her eyes speaking “Well Done”. I can only imagine the love she must be finally experiencing with Him. Being a missionary or doing something amazing for God doesn't mean life stops happening, we can still experience loss. It doesn't separate you from pain but it doesn't make God any less good. His character doesn't change because my circumstances change so they way I perceive him must also remain in truth. I have learned to look on the bright side because of my Grandmother. She was a truth-teller so when she saw something great in you, you knew it was true. My gift to encourage others comes from her. My legacy is hers too. It was because of her that I found my purpose. It was because of her that I found my Jesus. To learn more about LaTasha Robinson, visit To learn more about BARN, the ministry LaTasha leads in Paris, France visit: To sow into BARN go to

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