Have you ever wondered if the prophetic words you have received are really from God? As the church grows more accepting of prophets and prophetic ministry, there is a great need for discernment in the body of Christ. The bible admonishes us to test prophecies and the Prophetic Processing Toolkit will help you to do it. This is a resource that will help you to begin to develop your discernment in judging words, understanding God's heart and his timing, as well as practical wisdom from our author. It's a guide to helping you to avoid some of the common mistakes people make when attempting to walk out their calling and fulfilling the purpose of God on the earth. Every Christian has a purpose to fulfill and this resource will give you practical tools to help navigate pitfalls and step into prophetic fulfillment. God desires that you would know the hope of your calling. The prophetic processing toolkit is designed to help you engage with the Kingdom of God, develop intimacy with Jesus and bring Glory to the name of King Jesus.

Prophetic Processing -Toolkit- E-Book


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