Encourager Membership

The Encourager Community is designed to help you grow in hearing God's voice and activate you in the supernatural. The goal is to build a community of people who are actively encouraging one another, additionally, this community is for those who desire connection, mentorship, and healing. Most importantly, it's designed to challenge you to walk worthy of your calling in God.


Each tier program is designed specifically to honor your time and create a space for you to connect with me and others. Each tier gives you access to different content with our Empowerment Tier being our top-level which gives you access to all over our services.

Scroll down to view what each tier offers. To view a detailed description of our services, click here. 


Empowerment Tier 

The Empowerment Tier is designed for those who are leaders and desire to learn, grow and mature in their prophetic call. 

This tier gives you more of everything and you won't have to decide between attending the prophetic training or meeting with LaTasha in an empowerment session because you receive both. You can learn more below. 


Leadership Tier 

The leadership tier is designed for those who are called to leadership and desire to connect with other leaders. This tier includes everything in the Love and Wisdom Tiers, but includes the following:


One of the Following: 

  • Empowerment Session with LaTasha (1 Hour) ​

  • 1 Monthly Prophetic Activation Training Class 


  •  2 Monthly Prophetic Activation Training Classes

This plan includes:


Wisdom Tier 

The wisdom tier is designed for people on a limited budget and/or time but still want to connect, learn, heal, and grow. It gives you a small sampling of the main services offered on our website. 

One of the Following: 

  • Empowerment Session with LaTasha (1 Hour) ​


  •  1 Monthly Prophetic Activation Training Classes


Love Tier 

If you desire to check out the Community or learn more about LaTasha. You can sign up for the Love Tier for free. You will receive access to the following: 

We also have Love Tier Exclusive Discounts as well. 

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