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LaTasha Robinson is the founder and president of BARN and the Encourager on-line community.  BARN was created to ignite believers to practice prophecy in a safe place and host a free event called Night of Encouragement to give believers an opportunity to learn to hear God's voice.  The events for BARN are held in Paris, France. LaTasha also is known as "The Encourager" is an on-line prophetic teaching ministry that allows people all over the world to access content challenging them to grow in their giftings. LaTasha has a heart for creating thriving prophetic communities in and outside of the church. She is an international speaker whose life message is intimacy with God, love, and honor. She is recognized as a person who loves God and leads people into having a stronger and deeper relationship with Him.


LaTasha is a graduate of Bethel School of Ministry's first, second, and third-year program. She also has a Master's Degree in Education from St. John's University and completed her undergraduate at Michigan State University. She has been involved in prophetic ministry since 2006. Her desire is to ignite the prophetic culture around the world through catalyzing prophetic people, especially those who have felt rejected by the church. She also has a heart for restoration of communities, healing, inner healing, and a heart for the poor.


LaTasha has a heart for France and the French-Speaking Nations and lives in France for 1/2 the year.  She is raising funds to be a missionary full-time. To learn more about LaTasha's Ministry in France BARN, click on the logo. 

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LaTasha's accountability team is Pastor Laurent Ruppy of Impulsion Eglise in Paris, France and Mark Birch-Machin of Speakers of Life.

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LaTashaRobinson.com is the online ministry website LaTasha Robinson Ministries. It features our products, services, training, and the Encourager Online community.  The goal of this website is to help people connect with LaTasha to be trained and equipped. It also serves as a place of contact if you want to invite LaTasha to speak at an event. 


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